Artwnk™ Mosquito Zapper

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Put Your Middle Finger In The Mosquito's Face!

Upgraded from the traditional Mosquito's killer, our Zapper ensures to effectively protect your house from these bugs.
You would never have to look for a mosquito's killer again!

How Effective Is The Artwnk™ Mosquito Zapper?

Any mosquito would have an instant death when touching the 1800V coil of our zapper!

With its 360° design and UV light, no mosquito would be able to escape.

Forgot those useless mosquito killers you had before.


+100,000 Happy Customers


Find out why you should choose Artwnk instead of other brands.

"So It's Not Children Friendly?" IT IS CHILDREN FRIENDLY!

Of course, we have thought of the safety of our customer's loved kids.

The Artwnk™ Mosquito Zapper ensures to capture of any mosquito, while still preventing any direct touch from your children.

It's the perfect equipment for your precious home!

You Would Never See A Mosquito In Your House Again!

With the 200m² range, the Artwnk Mosquito Zapper covers your whole house.

Any corner, any angle, our Zapper can reach it all!

Your loved ones would be protected from mosquitos forever!

Hear What Others Are Saying...

A must have!!
My family always struggled with mosquito bites every night, but buying this mosquito-killing product has finally allowed us to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.
Chritian L.
My husband and I are overjoyed!
This mosquito lamp has transformed our nights. Skeptical at first, we now can't imagine sleep without it. It wards off mosquitoes and enhances our sleep, truly worth it for the peace it brings!
Laura H.
Love it!
Bought this mosquito lamp to ensure my child feels safe and can sleep through the night independently. It's been a game-changer. I'd rate it 11/10 for safety and peace of mind.
Amanda Chen

Enjoy Outdoor Nights Without A Worry!

Remove Mosquitoes

1800V power zaps mosquitoes, securing your comfort

Portable & Rechargeable

Our Zapper's cordless design makes it perfect for travel

Stay Protected

Enjoy safety with a design that's touch-friendly and shock-free

Peaceful Sleep

Enhance your sleep at night without mosquito disturbances

Enjoy Outdoor Nights Without A Worry!

Fear of mosquito-borne diseases often dampens the spirit of night camping.

With our Zapper, you can take it anywhere with its cordless and rechargeable design.

Now, you can fully embrace the thrill of night camping, ensuring safety and enjoyment under the stars!

That's Not It! It Can Also Be Mounted On Your Wall!

Are you afraid that it will take up space in your room?

Well, fear not! Our Zapper can be mounted on your wall stably!

You can choose to put it on your desk, on the ground, or stick it like a wall lamp. It's up to you!


Exceptional Customer Service Experience

We uphold our 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty, making returns, refunds, or replacements straightforward for our valued customers.

With our unmatched satisfaction guarantee, we eliminate any risk from the buying process, committed to your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Artwnk™ Mosquito Zapper lures insects with its ultra-violet light.
  • Insects are electrocuted on contact with a high voltage grid surrounding the lamp.
  • Dead insects will then drop into the in-built catcher tray.
  • Yes, Artwnk™ Mosquito Zapper is IP4 waterproof, please ensure any power connections are weatherproof.
  • A Artwnk™ Mosquito Zapper is best placed away from human activity and also competing light sources.
  • Preferably out of windy locations also.
  • Ideally, hang at a height of around 2.5 metre.
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Artwnk™ Mosquito Zapper
Original price was: $327.00.Current price is: $98.99.
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Artwnk™ Mosquito Zapper
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