Artwnk™ Touch Control Bedside Lamp

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Let This Lamp Take You To The Dreamy Land!

Bright, yet elegant! Complicated, yet delicate!

This lamp will transfrom your space immediately with its unique design and pattern.

Turn off all the light in your house and turn this on, you will be taken to the greatest lightshow you have ever seen!

Can You See How Perfect It Is In Any Room?

With its elegant and unique rose pattern design, this lamp will t adds a stylish & aesthetic ambient light to any corner.
Can you imagine how nice it would be on your cafe table, in your living room, or beside your bed?
Your guests will admire the beauty from afar, and then be surprised when they see the small, delicate rose on yours lamp! 

+100,000 Happy Customers


Find out why you should choose Artwnk instead of other brands.

Beauty And Functionality, What More Can You Ask From A Lamp?

The K9 crystal enhances the beauty of this lamp with sparkle lighting while its pattern adds exquisite touch to it.

Prevent slippery with our anti-rust base while charging your 2 phones with its dual USB.

That's not it! How about "Touch control" for your convenience?

"Let's find another one like this!" Nah, this one is the only one in the market!

Remember When We Say You Can Adjust The Brightness?

This lamp offers 3 levels of brightness for you to choose from!

Want to read a book? The high setting is for you!

Need a romantic atmosphere for your naughty naughty thing?  Medium setting to go!

Or you just simply want to sleep? Turn it off, or set it at low for a better sleep!

Hear What Others Are Saying...

My daughter loves it!!

She has been struggling to sleep since we moved into the new house. We bought this lamp thinking the vivid pattern and the pink color would help, and it did! 
Chritian L.

I just can't bath with out it anymore!

This diffuser has transformed my bathing. OMG, it's just so relaxing to soak in the bathtub with this lamp turning on!
Laura H.

Love it!

I was wondering what lamp I could use for the living room when I saw this lamp. It's just so perfect for the desk I have!
Amanda Chen

Enjoy Your Spa Therapy At Home Now!

Admirable Unique Design

K9 Crystal and Rose Pattern are simply the best combination!

Place It In Any Room

Fit the place perfectly for any occasion you can think of!

Bright How You Like

3 brightness levels ensure to satisfy all your needs

Functions For Your Convenience

Dual USB for charging 2 devices at a time, Touch control for easy mode-switching


Exceptional Customer Service Experience

We uphold our 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty, making returns, refunds, or replacements straightforward for our valued customers.

With our unmatched satisfaction guarantee, we eliminate any risk from the buying process, committed to your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sure thing! Our bulb is replacable. Just make sure to cut off the electricity before changing it!
  • Yes, it is! The Artwnk™ Touch Control Bedside Lamp is waterproof, making it fit perfecty in your bathtub nights!
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Artwnk™ Touch Control Bedside Lamp
Original price was: $266.00.Current price is: $79.90.
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