Cocktail Table Lamp


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Enchanting Tulip Reflection Mirror

A stunning fusion of floral elegance and functional artistry for your daily reflections.


Twilight Magic Tulip Mirror

Experience the enchanting twilight magic with our Magical Tulip Mirror.

Shimmering tulips cast a captivating spell.

Transform cherished spaces into realms of wonder.

Everlasting Freshness

Experience the charm of real tulips without the hassle.

A timeless addition, perfect for any decor.

Forget the hassle of daily maintenance!



Blooming Nights

Experience twilight magic as tulips shimmer, casting a spell on your cherished spaces.

Forever Fresh

Looks and feels like real tulips, minus the upkeep. Win-win!

Slide into Your Mood

From chill reading sessions to party mode, you set the brightness level.

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Go Cord-Free

Fully charged and ready to move. Place it anywhere, no strings attached.

Mirrored Enchantment

With a cloud and bloom design, offering serene, endless light to transform spaces.

Gifts That Glow

The perfect present? This mirror. Watch their eyes light up too.

Mood-Setting Slide Lamp

Effortlessly slide into your desired mood with adjustable brightness.

Perfect for everything from relaxed reading to lively parties.

People will get jelous of your unique mirror!

Illuminating Gift Choice

Surprise loved ones with this mirror - the ultimate glowing gift.

Witness the joy as it lights up their eyes and space.

They'll adore the thoughtful gift and love you even more for it!

Transformative Decorative Tulip Mirror

A perfect decor piece, it adds elegance and charm with its unique cloud and bloom design.

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Unique Decor Piece

Unique Decor Piece

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    Lifelike Tulips

    Forever freshness with zero maintenance, enhancing spaces with everlasting beauty.

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    Perfect for any room, it offers elegance without the hassle of cords.

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    Portable Convenience

    Effortlessly move it to brighten any space, adding a touch of serene beauty wherever it goes.


Made From 100% Post-consumer. Packaged And Shipped Plastic-free​

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It operates with 2 AA batteries, which are not included, allowing for easy setup and use.

The tulips are lifelike in appearance but are artfully crafted for long-lasting beauty without maintenance.

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Cocktail Table Lamp
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